Calls for international projects January 2021

Current calls for bi- and multilateral R&D projects. The latest announcements concern collaborative projects with China, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil, France,  other EU and worldwide projects. The majority of them are open to topics or concern ICT, AI, Industry 4.0, marine research or bioeconomy. Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.

Call PMA1 Topic Deadline
Germany – Vietnam (ZIM)



open topics 28.01.2021
German-Chinese Cooperation on Intelligent Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) and Smart Services (DEU-CHN_InFe3) PTKA

Service and assistance systems;

collaborative production networks,

Energy and resource efficiency in production

Germany – Russia PTJ Marine and polar research 31.01.2021

ERA-Net EnerDigit (MICALL 20)

Digital Transformation for Green Energy Transition

EC ICT 17.02.2021
Germany – India (2+2) DLR      IGSTC Additive manufacturing 25.02.2021
Germany – Brazil FNR Bioeconomy International 19.03.2021
IraSME 27 AiF open topics 31.03.2021
Germany – France (ZIM) AiF open topics 15.06.2021