Funding of Project Proposals

“Funding of projects for cross-border networking and development of project proposals for collaborative projects of the EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe”.
3 submission deadlines per year

The aim of this funding program is to support the consolidation of networks in the European Research Area (ERA) through a strong participation and networking of German research and development actors. The networking measure is intended to both expand existing collaborations and initiate new ones.

German actors are to be supported in developing project proposals for collaborative projects together with research partners for the thematic clusters in the area of “Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness” (Pillar II) of Horizon Europe.

With this measure, the BMBF aims to lay the foundations for successful applications and the  implementation of European projects and provide support for the establishment and expansion of topic-specific European networks.

Funding is provided for measures to prepare and draft proposals for calls for proposals in the thematic ­clusters in the second pillar of Horizon Europe. Likewise, the development of project proposals for collaborative projects within European Partnerships that can be thematically assigned to the second pillar of Horizon Europe is ­to be supported. Funding is provided for individual projects for the exploration, establishment and expansion of thematic consortia and cooperation in the development of proposals for research and development projects steered by the applicant as the planned coordinator.

Funding is not available for measures to prepare an application for Coordination and Support Actions, individual funding measures and prizes.

Non-university research institutions, universities, SMEs, municipalities and municipal enterprises are eligible to apply. The existence of a permanent establishment or branch office in Germany is required at the time of payment of a granted grant.

The prerequisite for funding is the preparation of research and development projects (collaborative projects) for which there is a foreseeable funding option in the clusters in the second pillar of Horizon Europe, including the corresponding project proposals for collaborative projects of the European Partnerships.

For the consortium to be established for this purpose, the participation conditions of Horizon Europe must be observed; the designated minimum number of eligible participants from the EU-27 states as well as the states associated to Horizon Europe must be reflected in the consortium formation plans. The German applicant must ­act as the ­planned coordinator.

The grants are awarded by way of project funding as a non-repayable subsidy and, as a rule, with a maximum of 50,000 euros and, as a rule, for a term of up to twelve months.

The funding rate is up to 50%. The requirements of the de minimis regulation must be taken into account.

In principle, all expenses/costs necessary for the implementation of the projects can be applied for in accordance with the BMBF’s Guidelines for Grant Applications on an Expenditure Basis (AZA)/Cost Basis (AZK). The following regulations apply:

a. Personnel expenses/costs for scientific personnel on the German side can generally be subsidised up to TV-L/TVöD EG 13.

b. Travel expenses for researchers and experts from Germany and abroad. Furthermore, expenses/costs for project-related travel in Germany are also funded for project partners.

c. Workshops with already known partners or to develop new cooperation potentials.

The BMBF has commissioned the DLR Project Management Organisation (DLR-PT) to handle the funding measure.

The application process is single-stage. Formal project applications must be submitted to the DLR project management organisation by the following dates at the latest.

  • 31 January
  • May
  • September

The last submission date is 30 September 2023.