Calls for international projects March 2020

Current calls for international and transnational R&D projects. The latest announcements concern collaborative projects with South Africa, Subsahara-Afrika, Palestine, Czech Republic as well as other EU and worldwide projects. Most of them are open topics or concern, digitisation, energy production, agriculture, food systems, forestry, climate change or energy efficiency.

 Current announcements of the EU can be found on the page “News / Up2Europe“.

Call PMA1 Topic Deadline
IraSME: 25. transnationale tender DLR 26.03.2020
Germany – Western Balkans (WBC2019) DLR open-topic 27.03.2020
ERA-NET ICARD BLE Infectious animal diseases 31.03.2020

Germany – South Africa


DLR Disruptive manufacturing: precision medicine 01.04.2020
Germany – Subsahara-Africa DLR Recycling management, food processing, logistics and transport 02.04.2020
Germany – Ukraine DLR centres of excellence 15.04.2020
Germany – Czech Republic (EUREKA)



nanotechnology, material research, digitisation 31.03.2020
Germany – Palestine



8 thematic areas, including agriculture, health, environment, ICT, materials research 30.04.2020
ERA-NET ICT-AGRI-FOOD PTJ ICT technology in agriculture 27.05.2020