International Projects December 2023

Current calls for bi- and multilateral R&D projects. The latest announcements concern bilateral and multilateral collaborative projects, EU and global projects. They are open-topic or concern biodiversity, renewable energy, hydrogen technology, circular economy, nutrition, health, climate protection, sustainability, etc. as well as funding according to INTERREG .

Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.

Ausschreibung Projektträger Thematik Termin
Germany – Canada (ZIM)       AiF       NRC-IRAP open topics 15.12.2023
Germany – UK (ZIM)    AiF    Innovate UK open topics 06.12.2023
Germany – Argentina (ZIM)         AiF            FONTAR open-topics 15.12.2023
Germany – Latin America and the Caribbean DLR Exploratory and networking measures, thematic areas: Hydrogen technology, AI, biodiversity, health 15.01.2024
ERA4Health: EEA, Israel, Turkey, Taiwan DLR Modulation of brain aging through nutrition e.a. 15.01.2024
Germany – non-European partner countries: Bioeconomy International PTJ Bioeconomy 27.02.2024
Interreg 6A Germany – Danmark JS (DK) priorities 1–4 04.03.2024
EUROSTARS 3 DLR open-topics 30.06.2024
Germany – Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia DLR Research and innovation cooperation (guideline) 30.06.2027