International Projects February 2022

Current calls for bi- and multilateral R&D projects. The latest announcements concern bilateral and multilateral collaborative projects, EU and global projects. They are open-topic or concern preparation of R&D proposals, hydrogen technology, Industry 4.0, AI, bioeconomy and biotech. Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.


Call PMA1 Topic Deadline
International hydrogen projects BMWi R&D, pilot plants, demonstration plants 28.02.2022
Germany – Canada        DLR         NRC green hydrogen 21.03.2022
CORNET AiF open topics 30.03.2022
IraSME AiF open topics 30.03.2022
Bioeconomy in the North                  Germany – Finland – Sweden – Norway – Canada PTJ wood (refinery processes and new products) 04.05.2022
EU Horizon Europe DLR networks and collaborative projects            (3 deadlines p.a.) 30.09.2023
GE – EU/EWR (Bridge2ERA2021) DLR preparation of multinational proposals (several evaluation dates) 31.05.2024
EUROSTARS 3 DLR open topics 30.06.2024