International Projects February 2024

They are open-topic or concern neuroscience, renewable energy, hydrogen technology, circular economy, nutrition, health, climate protection, sustainability, etc. as well as funding according to INTERREG.

Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.

Ausschreibung Projektträger Thematik Termin
Germany – non-European partner countries: Bioeconomy International PTJ Bioeconomy 27.02.2024
Interreg 6A Germany – Danmark JS (DK) priorities 1–4 03-04.2024
Germany – USA          DLR          NSF Bilateral cooperation in computational neuroscience 07.03.2024
ERA-NET NEURON (EU/EWR) DLR Bidirectional interaction between brain and body 08.03.2024
GERMANY – Republic of Moldova (ProMoMo)            AIF            NARD Health research, materials science, environmental and climate research, production technology 18.03.2024
Germany – Vietnam (WTZ)      DLR      MoST Nature hazard prevention: digitalisation, risk management 23.03.2024
IraSME 33                                              (Alberta, Belgium, Brazil, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey) AiF Transnational projects 15.04.2024
Germany – Southeast Asia   DLR      DiPi/NSTDA Circular economy 15.04.2024
EUROSTARS 3 DLR open-topics 30.06.2024
Germany – Taiwan (ZIM)            AiF            ITRI open-topics 30.09.2024
Germany – Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia DLR Research and innovation cooperation (guideline) 30.06.2027