International Projects October 2022

Current calls for international R&D projects. Bilateral collaborative projects are announced for cooperation with companies / institutions from Israel, USA, Sweden, Argentina and Canada. The latest announcements concern bilateral and multilateral collaborative projects, EU and global projects. They are open-topic or concern neuroscience, bioeconomy, agribusiness, healthcare, marine research, biodiversity, microelectronics, carbon dioxide production, storage and use, artificial intelligence, sustainability, etc.

Current EU calls can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.


Call PMA1 Topic Deadline
EU – COST DLR open topics 20.10.2022
Germany – Taiwan (ZIM)       AiF        ITRI open topics 31.10.2022
Germany – Israel    BMBF   MOST Water technologies 03.11.2022
Bioeconomics international PTJ Bioeconomics 14.12.2022
Germany – USA      DLR       NSF Computational Neuroscience 22.11.2022
Germany – Argentina  BMBF   I+D+I-FONTAR open topics 16.12.2022
Germany – Sweden (ZIM)   AiF     Vinnova open topics 19.01.2023
Germany – Canada (ZIM)       AiF        NRC IRAP open topics 20.01.2023
Germany – Israel (ZIM)       AiF        IAI open topics 20.02.2023
EU Horizon Europe DLR Networks and collaborative projects            (3 deadlines p.a.) 30.09.2023
EUROSTARS 3 DLR open topics 30.06.2024