Calls for international projects August 2021

Current calls for bi- and multilateral R&D projects. The latest announcements concern collaborative projects with Japan, Taiwan, Armenia, Canada, Africa, France and other EU and global projects. They are open-topic or concern hydrogen technology, digitization, AI, water management, health research, food supply and bioeconomy. Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.

Call PMA1 Topic Deadline

Germany – Subsahara Africa


DLR sustainable land management, digitization, sustainable development 13.08.2021
Germany – Republic of Armenia (WTZ)



sustainable land management, digitalisation, sustainable development 31.08.2021
Germany – France DLR private 5-G networks 01.09.2021
Germany – Taiwan         AiF           ITRI open topics 10.09.2021
Germany – Japan         DLR          JST green hydrogen 10.09.2021
Cornet EU/AiF open topics 29.09.2021
Germany – South Korea (ZIM)      AiF        KIAT open topics 30.09.2021
Germany – Canada (ZIM)      AIF      NRC IRAP open topics 15.12.2021
EU Horizon Europe DLR Networks and collaborative projects            (3 deadlines p.a.) 30.09.2023