International Projects September 2021

Current calls for bi- and multilateral R&D projects. The latest announcements concern collaborative projects with Japan, Taiwan, Canada, France and other EU and global projects. They are open-topic or concern hydrogen technology, digitization, AI, food supply and bioeconomy. Current EU announcements can be found on the “News” page under Up2Europe.

Call PMA1 Topic Deadline
Germany – France DLR private 5-G networks 01.09.2021
Germany – Taiwan          AiF           ITRI open topics 10.09.2021
Germany – Japan         DLR          JST green hydrogen 10.09.2021
Cornet EU/AiF open topics 29.09.2021
Germany – South Korea (ZIM)            AiF            KIAT open topics 30.09.2021
Germany-Finland-Ireland-Canada-Portugal-Spain-Flanders EUREKA/DLR green hydrogen 05.11.2021
Germany – Canada (ZIM)            AIF              NRC IRAP open topics 15.12.2021
EU Horizon Europe DLR Networks and collaborative projects            (3 deadlines p.a.) 30.09.2023
EUROSTARS 3 DLR open topics 30.06.2024